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from the ceo of bizzy

A few years ago, I was sitting on my couch in Los Angeles and I was stuck. Not on the couch...(although it was comfy), but stuck with a problem.

I wanted to see friends, but everyone had different schedules!


My girlfirend ( now wife ) had fluctuating hours, so planning date night was rough - or forgotten about.  My closest friends all worked different jobs, some even freelancing on the side, which made planning video game sessions or pickup bball games tough too. My schedule being a freelancer and being on and off set as an actor didn't help either. 

The 9-5 schedules our parents and their friends had are no longer common.


They've been replaced with new fluctuating working hours. To top it off - two household incomes are drastically more common, which means another work schedule to take into account when making plans.


I just wanted a way to let my friends know when I was free...


I searched for a solution to fix this issue, but not in a messy group text or email blast. If only there was a social network that had actual scheduling tools to help our real life relationships and not just online ones.


So created an app for what's next.

...not what already happened. An app that helps you keep track of ideas to hang out with friends. 


We hope you enjoy using Bizzy and join our quickly growing community of busy friends, couples, and communities looking to see each other more in person!

- Erick 


iOS Dev / Co-Founder


CEO / Co-Founder


Community / Co-Founder