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Frequently Asked Questions

"When will the Android version of bizzy be released?"

The Android Version will be released in 2020.

"Will the app cost money to download or have in-app purchases?"

No, bizzy is completely free to download and use! Our focus right now is just to make a useful tool for busy friends to find time for one another.

"Are you guys tracking my data?"

We value privacy. We don't want see your 5 o'clock zumba session on your calendar or that you are currently at a park playing tennis. 

Any data that is collected is to help you as a user or to protect us as a company. 

Privacy Policy

"Are my contacts going to get spammed?"

 No spam! We ask for your phone number so you can see other contacts using the app.


Bizzy is meant for the people closest to you or people you want to see more. We want YOU to select who you want to see more and have full control over the selection process.


"This idea is great! I have some suggestions though."

Great! We love hearing feedback and have already implemented a lot of user suggestions. Help us solve the scheduling problem of seeing your friends and family in real life.


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