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A Bizzy Life - The start of a new social scheduling app

"If you don't like the way the world is, you change it. You have an obligation to change it. You just do it one step at a time."  - Marian Wright Edelman

In 2016, I was having a tough time linking up with friends. Everyone was so busy! Including myself. I was a recent LA transplant and the TV show I was working on, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, was on hiatus. I used this free time to focus on freelance work as a cinematographer and photographer. Working sporadic hours I rarely found time to see friends that I used to work with at my old job and found that concrete plans were rarely put into place.

I still received social network interaction on a weekly basis through Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat...but I was still alone looking at four walls. Going to meetup groups and meeting new friends would work for a quick fix, but keeping relationships going and "finding time" was becoming a frustrating and depressing matter. I realized I wanted to deepen my connections with the people I already knew! There had to be a better system than the archaic "Here's my number, let's hang out soon" or "It's been forever, let's catch up sometime". SOMETIME being the operative word.

I assumed this scheduling problem had probably already been solved by some app. As the old saying goes..."There's an app for that".

I searched...and searched...and downloaded...and searched some more. What I found was applications that promised the downloader an amazing experience...but no actual fix. In these perfect world examples, the downloader would download the app, invite friends, and then shoot out a plan invite within the app. "Hey I'm going to the movies...who's down?!" Or the downloader could flip a switch, signaling to others they were free. The problem? Not everyone feels comfortable just broadcasting what they want to do to EVERYONE. There's a fear in no one attending. And How do you let people down easy? What if people are too busy to hangout? How do you "find time"? Are Calendar invites just to see a friend acceptable? Maybe for the work minded, but not the everyday person! Then, some of these apps were just group chats...

A mission was started and a passion was lit.

Bizzy was born.




That was the goal when we set out to create this social scheduling app. Have there been apps that attempted this before? Yes. Plenty.

Have they done it like this? Absolutely NOT. I set out with a crazy goal of creating an app that made the anxiety driven task of creating, sending, and even receiving invites better. And not just better, but fun! And after many, many, hard working weeks/months/years...Bizzy is in the iOS app store!

The Android version will be released later this year. More details coming soon, but for now...we are focused on giving users the best planning and responding experience so we can get away from crazy group chats and lost FaceBook invites. We would love reviews, feedback and shares! Feel free to follow us on Instagram (@bizzy_app) for more info, events, and feature updates!

Thanks for buzzing!

-Erick | bizzy, ceo