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Adding Video and Photos to Your Calendar

We just launched our newest update (Version 2.0) where we added Media Hive!!

Share fun photos or videos Before, During, and After Buzz.

Media Hive is found inside a buzz and you can upload quick 10 send video clips or photos to your friends in the buzz.

How to Upload:

Create a buzz - Click on the buzz in Calendar - Go To Media Hive Page - Upload Photo or shoot a quick video!

Ways to Use Media Hive:

1. Leave welcome messages to get people pumped for the buzz/hang out!

2. Add additional screenshots or flyers

3. Take photos/videos during buzz/hang out and upload to the Media Hive!

4. Use the 10 second video clips to quickly express excitement, gratitude, or any other emotions that revolve around attending or missing out on the buzz.

5. Be creative and find a new use for it!! Or send us your ideas / feedback at

- Update To The Latest Version Here -

You guys are awesome for staying up to date and for sharing bizzy with friends, family, and co-workers. Help us make casual scheduling easier by continuing to buzz and giving feedback!