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How Couples Use Bizzy To Schedule Life

When I first started dating my wife in 2015, one of the things that attracted me to her was the fact she was a go getter and didn't wait or rely on anyone to help her get going. She worked multiple jobs and had high ambitions. Which was perfect did I.

What I didn't realize at the time was how hard scheduling a date night would be. As our relationship grew and we moved in together, we would go weeks before we realized "huh...I guess we really haven't had a date night in a while". The struggle can be too real for other couples who want to plan a night together, but the idea gets quickly forgotten or squashed by two busy schedules (and we don't even have kids yet!).

While bizzy was created for friends and family to stay connected in real life, I would be lying if I said I didn't have an extra push to make a fun platform for us to keep track of our scattered couple events. From double dates, performances, friend's birthday dinners, and financial meetings...we needed something to help our lives out.

I asked friends how they scheduled time with their significant others and most of them mentioned having a shared calendar. Which was fine...but when I asked to see how it worked, it looked and felt a little...cold. So how does Bizzy make the experience better?

Plans Are Never Lost

When a plan gets presented through text, it can quickly be forgotten if I don't add it to my calendar or if my wife doesn't add it to hers. But when we use bizzy to plan get togethers, we have a quick reference instead of scrolling up through texts or email threads to find the info that was sent days or even weeks before.

Times / Locations are editable by your Significant Other

When I send a buzz ( calendar invite) to my wife, I make a note letting her know "Hey I'm open to other spots as well". Or if my schedule is more flexible than hers, I make note that I have time later or earlier if she wants to change it. Sent, Edited, Confirmed. All at our own convenience throughout the day, all without the stress of "typing a response".

A Focused Chat

Since Bizzy has details and chat separate, if we do need to coordinate something...we're able to talk about it in the app and keep our regular texting chain clear of scheduling. Plus, it feels pretty special to get a buzz notification. It means your partner wants to see you and is making time!

Quick Directions

Usually when we have somewhere to be, the address is the first thing we ask the other for...except in bizzy, the address is locked in and since the event is at the top of my calendar list, it's two quick taps and I'm off on the road! This is a huge improvement over what we did before which was me texting her for the info...waiting for a reply. Or having to scroll through email threads or text threads to find the info there. Being able to quickly tap on the location and get directions has been a huge time saver!

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Hope this has been helpful- if you and your partner use bizzy in a different way, comment below or shoot us an email. We love hearing from you guys!! Thanks for continuing to share and buzz.

- Erick

Erick Lopez and Sarah Murphree // Picture by Jenny Renee